Jayca Pike                                  Marketing & Brand Director

Jayca416@gmail.com ∙ www.linkedin.com/in/jayca-pike 

A top-performing Marketing Director with over eight years of experience in marketing strategy, content development, demand generation, paid advertising and program administration. Highly skilled in developing and implementing strategic marketing initiatives through leveraging multiple digital platforms, increasing brand visibility, lead generation and sales. Foster a culture of cross-functional collaboration and cooperation, establishing clear channels of communication for increased efficiency and operational accuracy. Create user-centric programs to obtain feedback, developing lead-generating industry reports for improved brand positioning. Proven track record of effective brand development through messaging and positioning, thought leadership and community building.

Areas of Expertise include:

Marketing Strategy - Team Leadership - Lead Generation- Brand Development - Content Strategy - Revenue & Profit Growth

- Budget & Resource Allocation - Copywriting - Public Relations, Communications - Cross-Functional Collaboration

- Social Media Management - Project Management - Conversion Rate Optimization - Go-to-Market strategy

Professional Experience

EMBER TRIBE ∙ Greensboro, NC ∙ Mar 2018 – Present

Group account director

  • Developing and executing marketing and growth programs across a wide range of clients,industries and digital channels

  • Providing financial counsel to clients and establishing objectives for marketing spend

  • Driving strategic relationships with clients and outside vendors to achieve target revenue goals

  • Hiring, training and managing Growth Specialists to execute on their strengths within client accounts

BREEZY HR ∙ Jacksonville, FL ∙ Aug 2016 – Dec 2017

Marketing Director

Oversee day-to-day marketing and product marketing operations, including production of marketing materials and branding, developing sales collateral for representatives, events coordination, as well as content marketing,  communications. Manage digital marketing including funnel analytics, reporting, optimization and CRO, split testing. Spearhead a team of vendors and freelancers, delegating tasks and coordinating schedules, as needed. Outline foundation for customer review platforms, leveraging results into lead-generating industry reports, social proof, leading to improved CPC performance and press mentions. Allocate marketing budget on core platforms with highly targeted audiences and remarketing to reach key personas. Consistently innovate customer communications including onboarding, check-ins, and feature releases to drive adoption, paid subscriptions and improve brand loyalty.  

Key Accomplishments:

  • Successfully 3x ARR over the course of the year; boosted and maintained MRR by 5x in that same time frame.

  • Achieving over 50 press mentions, increasing social lead generation by 30%, improving community lead generation by 25%, and decreasing CAC by 38%.

FREELANCE WORK ∙ Various Locations ∙ By contract, Feb 2008 – Present

Content, Social Media & Marketing Consultant

Provide consultative services to SaaS, agency, e-commerce and educational clients, sourcing from both local and online contacts. Responsibilities include research, blog posting, eBooks, social media and Google AdWords/Display advertising, as well as tracking results from all digital media projects; oversee six concurrent projects simultaneously. Ensure adherence to overarching business strategies, selecting, implementing  and managing marketing automation as needed.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Increased landing page ROI by 291% for Client 1, increased digital marketing lead generation by 109% for Client 2

  • Launched concerted, personalized email marketing strategy for multiple clients; drip sequence revenues topped $8k

BRAND STORY EXPERTS ∙ Bradenton, FL ∙ Feb 2016 – Aug 2016

Digital Marketing Manager

Spearheaded a team of two marketing professionals in developing video marketing, social advertising, and email marketing efforts for clients. Collaborated with clients and executives to outline business strategies and ensure alignment with overarching company objectives and brand strategies. Consistently developed new paid social media strategies and content, building audiences and engagement. Evaluated budgetary guidelines and eliminated redundancies or inefficiencies, conducting A/B testing for optimized advertising.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Generated 8x Facebook likes and boosted YouTube search rankings into top 10 for four key phrases for client.

  • Established funnel, remarketing, video metrics, and data-driven culture for clients and internal reporting procedures, leading to streamlined reporting and greater agency transparency and trust

JMX BRANDS ∙ Sarasota, FL ∙ Feb 2013 – Feb 2016

Social, Email & Content Marketing Manager

Authored marketing materials and published collateral across multiple channels including social media platforms, WordPress, web content and email. Developed copy and graphic material for banner ads, landing pages, social media, and all other online communications. Oversaw social media, email, paid advertising, and content marketing programs, spanning topic research, recruiting contributors, and developing planning calendars, as needed. Managed cross-channel marketing activities, including developing website content and sales collateral. Evaluated analytics outcomes into actionable tasks to guide strategic content development and marketing campaigns for buyers, business leads, and key demographics. Provided support to customer service and sales teams through supportive material, email workflows, and ABM-style social nurturing.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Redesigned site's information architecture, which included a new navigation system, footer, page structure and led to the re-design of product search results and related results prompting; add-ons increased 16%, funnel completions 22%

  • Monitored KPIs to contribute insights and promote understanding of user behavior to optimize campaigns and web design; fostered a data-driven culture that resulted in driving down AdWords and SEO spend combined over  40%

CREATIVE CONTENT, LLC ∙ Austin, TX ∙ Sep 2011 – Jan 2013

Content Writer

Developed educational content on a wide variety of topics for utilization in TOEFL exam text and workbooks.

Education & Training

Bachelor of Science in Communication: Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations


Inbound Marketing Certification, Present

Paid Traffic Mastery, Present

Conversion Funnel Mastery, Present

Google Analytics, Present - Google Adwords, Present  


Work Without Veneers Award, 2015


Creator/Writer, Zapier Blog, zapier.com/blog

Editor/Publisher/Copywriter/Freelancer, #HireLearning, hirelearning.breezy.hr